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Attributes are data items referring to arrays of data values. Conceptually attributes are characteristics of an entity.

In the GeoDMS this means that each attribute has a domain unit.


- Start with the keyword: attribute

- Configure between the less than (<) and greater than (>) characters it's values unit.

- Next configure the name of the parameter.

- Configure between normal brackets it's domain unit.

- For attributes often configured expressions are configured but also other properties can be configured.

- To finalize the definition of an item, configure a semicolon (;) character.


attribute<hectare> building (grid_500m)  := residential  + utility;

The example configures an attribute called building. The values are expressed in hectares, so hectare is configured as values unit.

The domain unit for this attribute is grid_500m, defining a grid with cells of 500 * 500 meter.

The attribute results are calculated with an expression, buildings is defined as the sum of residential and utility.

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