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A domain unit defines the entity to which an attribute belongs.

Different domain unit types are:

  • Geographic domain unit like: Country, Nuts2 region, 1km grid cell.
  • Model object like house, service, street. The data is often read from an external storage (database or file).
  • Class domain unit like Corine, EHS, Percentage_10K, often configured as domain unit of a Classification Scheme.

The GeoDMS supports both one-dimensional (table) and two-dimensional (grid) domains. The value type of the domain unit defines the number of dimensions and the cardinality. The allowed value types for domain units can be found in the CanBeDomain column of the value type table.

Tiled/Segmented Data

For tiled/segmented data, a tiled domain unit is needed. A tiled domain is a domain with an additional tiling/segmenting. Only domains with value types of more that 2 bytes (all point value types, uint32, int32, uint64 or int64) can be tiled/segmented.


See domain unit example for how to configure domain units.

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