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With the GeoDMS data can be exported to multiple formats. This applies both to source data as well as calculated results.

Three types of exports are distinguished:

  • Export primary data to the clipboard
  • Export primary data to files
  • Export viewports


The table view can be used to export data to the clipboard with the following tools:

File:Copy text.png copies the (selected) data from the table to the clipboard, string data items are quoted and a semicolon is used as delimiter between the data items.

File:Copy picture.png copies the visible contents of the active table as picture to the clipboard

More information on how to use the table view can be found in chapter 8 of the User Guide.

Primary data to files

Primary data can be exported to files in two ways:

1) By configuring a StorageManager to data items referring to calculation results, see topic: Data source

2) By using the GUI (see paragraph 15.3 of the User Guide). In the tree view a pop up menu option is available for each data item to export primary data to the following formats:

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