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The GeoDMS is developed for geographic (spatial) calculations, modeling and visualization. Functions are available to calculate with geographic data and the GUI contains a map view to visualize this type of data. More information on this map view can be found in the User Guide.

Coordinate System

Geographic data describes objects/subjects/processes on the earth surface for which the location on this surface is relevant. As the earth is a sphere/ellips, a map projection is needed to project these locations in a two-dimensional plane. This two-dimensional plane can be described by a geographic coordinate system.

In GeoDMS projects multiple geographic coordinate systems are in use. In one project usually one coordinate system is used, although source data can be available in different coordinate systems. But most functions only support calculating with data in the same coordinate system, which also applies to visualization data in a map view.

The geographic coordinate system of a GeoDMS project is defined by it's coordinate unit, defining how the coordinates need to be interpreted, in terms of their metric (meters, degrees) and their origin.

See the page How to configure a coordinate system for how to configure.

Data Structures

The GeoDMS supports both working with

Coordinate ordering

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