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Configuration examples Grid 2 Point

Since version 7.015

Since GeoDMS 7.015 a value function (example) can be used to convert the index numbers of a grid domain to world coordinates..


// coordinate system 
unit<fpoint> rdc_base : format = "EPSG:28992",
unit<fpoint> rdc           := range(rdc_base, point(300000f,0f), point(625000f,280000f));
// configuration of grid domain, related to the rdc
unit<spoint> griddomain := range(
      gridset(rdc, point(-100f, 100f, rdc), point(625000f, 10000f, rdc) ,'spoint')
     ,point(      0s,       0s)
     ,point(3250s, 2700s)
 attribute<rdc> point_7015_and_later_rel (griddomain) := id(griddomain)[rdc];

A grid domain is configured, with rdc as coordinate unit. In the bold line the actual conversion to world coordinates is configured.

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