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Some Elements of the GeoDmsGUI can easily be customized to provide a visual appearance for specific projects.

Customizable GuiElements are:

  • the SplashScreen, displayed during loading a project configuration, usually an image with an widht of 350 pixels and a hight of 200
  • the AboutBox, accessible from the main menu Help->About, usually presenting the developers of the project, and version info.
  • the TitleCaption, the text shown in the tile bar of the main window.
  • the ProgramIcon, which is shown in the start-bar and on the desktop, usually a small image of Earth.
  • the ToolbarImage, a small image (say: 100 x 35 pixels) that will be shown in the Toolbar at the right.

They can be defined in a Dynamic Link Library, usually %projdir%/bin/DmsProject.dll.

The GeoDmsGui.exe opens the DLL before reading a configuration file in order to display the SplashScreen.
The usual name and location of the DLL can be overridden by the DmsProjectDll key in the general section of the Config.ini

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