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Configuration examples Special characters

Escape characters

In the GeoDMS escape characters can be used to configure special characters, see the examples:

parameter<string> SingleQuote   := '\;
parameter<string> DoubleQuote  := '\"'; // The double quote with an escape character is needed in the expression syntax with expr = "..", as the double quote is also used in this syntax to indicate the start and end of the expression.
parameter<string> tab                  := '\t';
parameter<string> newline           := '\n';

Missing data

Missing data (null values) can be configured, based on the value types, in different ways, see the examples:

    parameter<uint32> null_u32    := 4294967295; 
or parameter<uint32> null_u32    := 0 / 0; // The null value for uint32 is used as transparant color in items with color visualisation styles.
    parameter<uint8>   null_u8      := 255b;
or parameter<uint32> null_u8      := 0b / 0b;
    parameter<string>  null_string := string(0 / 0);

parameter<string> emptystring := '';

The emptystring parameter does not configure a null value, but a string with no characters.

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