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If a StorageManager is configured, data is

Requesting data in a view triggers the GeoDMS to update items, as well as the submenu items Update Treeitem and Update Subtree in the GeoDMS GUI.


unit<uint32> Table 
:   StorageName        = "%SourceDataDir%/CBS/region.dbf"
,   StorageType          = "dbf"
,   Source                   = "dbf example source"
,   StorageReadOnly = "True"
,   SyncMode             = "None"
,   SqlString                = "SELECT * FROM TestTable ORDER BY ID"
     attribute<int32> att; 
     attribute<int32> att2 := att * att, DisableStorage = "True";          


A StorageManager is configured by setting properties to a data item or it's parent item.


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