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Drs. Maarten Hilferink received his doctoral degree (MSc) in Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in 1992. During his study, he worked as a developer of geographic software for the GIS consultancy firm Geodan. After graduation, he worked until 1996 at the Regional Economics Department of the Free University of Amsterdam(VU) before establishing the private company Object Vision, where he is now Managing Director. He is the creator and main developer of the GeoDMS model development platform, which is the foundation and calculation engine of various spatial allocation models for land use change simulation, livestock and energy. During the last 20 years, Maarten participated in various research and development projects related to land use change and spatial interaction modelling. He contributed to the design, development and implementation of the following Policy Support Systems:

  • Land Use Scanner, operational at the Dutch Environmental Assessment Agency since 1997 for the production of land use change projections for the Netherlands and impact assessment of policy alternatives.
  • [LUISA] (Land Use-based Integrated Sustainability Assessment, fka EU-ClueScanner), the land use change modelling platform for EU wide policy assessment of the JRC-IES.
  • Bangladesh Delta Scanner, used by Deltares and CEGIS in Dhaka since 2014 for the development of land use and water management scenarios.
  • Vesta, a spatially explicit model that matches future projected demand for energy in the built environment to options for local and zonal energy supply.
  • 2UP
  • EFDM

Maarten has 25 year of experience with the development and implementation of algorithms for the processing of spatial data, simulations of land use change, network routing, and other spatial analyses. He is especially skilled in

  • software development,
  • spatial and optimization algorithms and
  • the development of new spatial models.
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