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Recent Developments: Editing WMS Support

Since version 7.163 the GeoDMS supports web mapping services (WMS) as an alternative background layer. In more recent GeoDMS versions some issues are solved.

With a web mapping services (WMS) scale dependent and fast background layers can be presented in the map view, without having to add/update data for a project. See background layer for examples on how to configure.

WMS services work with fixed scale levels, in the GeoDMS the user is free to choose the area of interest (and derived scale). With the pop-up menu option Zoom 1 Grid to 1 Pixel it's easy to select a scale level with an optimal rendering quality.

The GeoDMS supports at the moment the WMTS protocol and images in png and since 7.198 also in jpeg format. We have experience with multiple layers from the host server: geodata.nationaalgeoregister.nl.

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