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We welcome (regular) users of the GeoDMS to help us improving the software. Bug reports and feature requests can be reported to Mantis, our bug tracker system. For Mantis you need an account, contact us if you are interested.

How to use

First login with your account information. After logging in the 'My View' page appears. This page presents relevant issues for the active project. The active project can be changed in the top right corner of the screen. For bugs and requests regarding the GeoDMS software, please select GeoDMS as active project.

The menu options are presented at the top of the screen. The most important ones are:

  • My View (default page after logging in): activates a page that presents relevant issues for the active project in categories like reported by me, recently modified and resolved. Click on the id to view the characteristics of an issue;
  • View Issues: activates a page with all issues, by default sorted descending on the update date (recently changed items are presented at the top). Click on the label in the header to sort the issues on the values in this column. Filters can be used to select a smaller set of issues;
  • Report Issue: see next paragraph;
  • Summary: activates a page that presents statistical information on the issues;
  • My Account: activates a page to manage your account information;

The colors of the issues indicate their status. The bar at the bottom explains these status colors.

Reporting Issues

Before reporting an issue we ask you to check if the same or a similar issue is not already reported. New bugs and feature requests can be added by activating the Report Issue menu option. A page appears in which the characteristics of the issue need to be specified. The characteristics presented with a * are obligitary. Don't specifcy the following characteriscs: Select Profile, Product Version, Assign To and Target Version.

For bugs, indicate the GeoDMS version in the Product Build textbox. In the Description box, specify a description of the error, the project with which you are working and if applicable the full name of the tree item that causes the error. If the GeoDMS presents an error dialog, copy the text from this dialog into the Description box. In the Steps To Reproduce box, specify the actions you perfomed on the item causing the error (e.g. opening in map view or data grid).

For feature requests, specify a clear description on your ideas in the Description box. If you want to add additional information, files with e.g Word documents of a maximum of 5.000k can be added.

Getting Remote Support

If your organisation has a support contract, we can help you with configuration issues. We can assist you from our office by phone and a remote connection with TeamViewer.

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