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The GeoDMS source code and several projects are maintained at our Subversion server:

Please use username 'guest' and password 'guest' for anonymous access to our codebase. Use the username and password as provided to you, in case you need to access restricted area's. Note that you need to be authorized in order to commit changes.

Client Tools

You can download the GeoDMS sourcecode using a subversion client, for example: TortoiseSvn.

TortoiseSvn is a client tool, implemented as a Windows shell extension, resulting in some menu options added to the pop-up menu in the Windows Explorer. To download a project, first browse in the Windows Explorer to your project directory([../modellers-guide/directories-and-placeholders.html projDir)]. Next Activate the pop up menu option: SVN Checkout and configure the url of the project at our Subversion server in the textbox: URL of repositry, as shown in the next example:


Click OK to download the project in the Checkout directory.

After a Checkout, the directory is under version control. This is indicated by colored icons, indicating if the files are consistent with the last updated version. The two most important pop up menu options available for directories under version control are:

  1. SVN Update: To update the directory with the latest version(revision) from our SVN server (for some projects you need to be authorized).
  2. SCN Commit: To commit your changes to a new revision at our SVN server (you need to be authorized).

The pop up menu option TortoiseSVN offers more options, e.g. comparing your local version with a revision at our server. For more information on these options we refer to the TortoiseSVN manual.


public/project contains the project configuration and data for several GeoDMS projects.
public/geodms contains the GeoDMS source code. In these directories the following subdirectories occur:

  • branches: forked versions
  • trunk: latest (mostly untested versions) are maintained here
  • tags: tagged revisions; revisions are tagged when major versions are made available You can Checkout the latest version from te trunk to for example "c:\svn\GeoDMS" or Export a tagged version to any directory
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